SAF Procedure for CCA membership

 The procedure for proposing a prospective member in the CCA/SAF remains unchanged and goes through the following steps;

  • 1.       The proposer acquires a sailing resume from the candidate.
  • 2.       The resume is discussed with the Chairman of the SAF membership Committee and approved according to its compliance with the club rules.
  • 3.       The resume is sent by e-mail to all SAF station members.
  • 4.       After a period of 10 days in the absence of a negative response the candidate meets with the SAF membership committee.
  • 5.       Upon approval, the proposer proceeds with the completion of the required documentation.
  • 6.       The documents are sent to the chair of the SAF membership committee.
  • 7.     The documentation is completed and is sent in PDF format to the Club Membership Committee.