Member Reports

Member Reports 2012

Gone With The WInd on the ICW 
Musings on taking a modern sailboat on a march through the old South.  Paula and Bill Leroy share a day or two.

Member Reports - 2011

Cruising blog from David Fullagar 
David Fullagar, currently cruising in Mexico, is keeping a blog at: When asked for the link he commented "Yes, we are in the Sea of Cortez at Puerto Escondido waiting while a Norther blows through. They are quite common this time of year, in fact the last time we were in Escondido it was doing the same (see blog report). 
I have not updated the blog since returning, mainly because we've been retreading old ground, but once we leave here it will be unexplored territory for us."

Update from Steve Mason on his trip from SF to BC 
Steve Mason reports on his trip up the West coast to Victoria, BC. He departed San Francisco on September 19th and arrived on September 26th.

Report from the Tomales Bay Cruise and Coastal Cleanup 
A report from the cruise to Tomales bay that took place September 15-18 and photos from the Coastal Cleanup. The report is by R/C Robby Robinson and the photos were taken by John Sanford.

Report from the Delta Cruise 
A report with photos from the delta cruise to Solano Yacht Club that took place June 23-26. The report is by R/C Robby Robinson and the photos were taken by Zia Ahari, Mimi Cornelius, Marilyn Hunt and Robby.

News from Skip Allen 
A brief report from Skip Allen giving an update on his progress building his new boat in Capitola.

Jim and Debbie Gregory - Morpheus Update 
Jim and Debbie Gregory are keeping a blog of their voyage in their boat Morpheus. They left SF in October and are headed to New England for the Summer.

Wyman Harris Antarctica Cruise Log 
Cruise log of Wyman and Gay Harris' trip to Antactica, S. Georgia and the Falkland Islands.

Commodore Sheila McCurdy Visit 
Report and photos from Commodore McCurdy's visit on February 8-11.

John & Gail McCartney Cruise Blog 
John & Gail McCartney send their holiday greetings from Mexico where they are cruising on their boat Music. They are keeping a blog of their adventures.

Member Reports - 2010
R/C Robby Robinson's Tomales Bay cruise report (with great photos!)

Wyman & Gay Harris' journal of their 2010 summer cruise to Alaska can be found at here:

Tom Hall reports on his Alaskan kayaking tour and a cruise from Oakland to China & Korea aboard a 1000' container ship. Details and photos of these and other adventures can be found by clicking the Bikenfly link above.
Member Reports - 2009

R/C Robby Robinson's photos and report of the 2009/2010 New Year's Eve rendezvous in Clipper Cove, attended by 24 members & guests aboard 10 boats.

Jim Robinson's report on the CCA Montezuma Slough Cruise June 26 - 28 as excerpted from the August copy of Bay and Delta Yachtsman.

Wyman Harris reports on their summer in the Pacific Northwest and their experience joining the CCA PNW cruise that originated in Princess Louisa Inlet and worked it's way down the Sunshine Coast.

Member Reports Archive - 2007 to 2008