Sept Report

Station Minutes From September 5th held at Spectrawatermakers
Members Present: Ahari,  Alderson, Antrim, Barker, Baylis, Beek, Carmine, Crose,, Edinger, Finley, Forsyth, Fullagar, Hall, Harris, Hedin, Honey (Sally), Honey (Stan), Hunt, Hurst, LeRoy, Lindlow, Mason, Moradzdeh, Olsen, Quanci, Robinson (R), Robinson (J), Rolien,  Sanford (J) , Strauss, Thorne, Van Blaricom, Warren, Wood

Call To Order and Introduction of Guests: 
R/C Ahari called the meeting to order and thanked Bill Edinger and his staff for organizing the barbecue luncheon and Spectrawatermakers factory tour.

 Guests were introduced, Wyman Harris introduced Lee Simpson and Bill Edinger introduced Francoise Ramsey, both potential candidates for the station.


 Eight Bells


R/C Ahari commented on the passing of Ben Roe and Pat Price. Both men were exceptional each in his own way. Ben described himself as a Maverick and Pat was described by his friends as an out of the box thinker. We will miss them both. A memorial service for Ben Roe will be held on September 23  at Saint Francis YC at 2PM. A moment of silence was observed.

The R/C congratulated Jim Quanci for winning the single-handed Trans-PAC race overall  and this Saturday for coming second in Jazz Cup Race. Zia offered his special thanks to Jim for trying to make a sailor out of his Grandson Cameron. Zia also to mentioned Alex Mehran for breaking the Trans-pac race record by an almost two day margin. Zia also discussed Stan Honey's efforts in making America Cup 2013 a success. "If you believe the article in the Wired Magazine the whole success of the race evolve around Stan's genius".


Americas Cup Article Featuring Stan Honey 


And of course we have the celebrity personality of the station, Hank Strauss who is regularly appearing in the local papers as well as national sail magazines. 
R/C Ahari asked Sally Honey for a report on the recent Farallons disaster as she was the chairperson for the panel investigating the event. Sally Reported:
 "A breaking wave capsized the Sydney 38, Low Speed Chase, as they sailed across the shoal on the northwest corner of Maintop Island, throwing seven of the eight crew into the water.  Five of the seven drowned.

Our primary finding was that Low Speed Chase sailed too close to the lee shore when crossing the shoal.  When the first wave hit, the boat was in 28' of water.   Given the forecast of significant wave height, combined swell and wind waves of 22', it could be predicted that waves higher than 30 feet would occur several times an hour.  In that shoal area, those waves would surely break.

The panel concluded that the sailing community in general needs more education in the development of waves on a lee shore, in order to make appropriate course selection choices.  There should be annual seminars required for the ocean racing series.

In addition to the poor seamanship displayed by the course selection, the panel learned from its interviews with survivors and witnesses that although the jack lines were rigged on the boat, as required, no one ever hooked into them.  Also, several of the crew who were lost wore inadequate life jackets, which did not self-inflate or had too little buoyancy.  Even the survivors described extreme difficulty with their conforming inflatable life jackets, which did not have crotch straps.  They described battling to keep the life jackets from riding up and covering their faces, needing to use their arms exclusively to control the life jackets, which meant they were unable to propel themselves through the water.  

There were other lessons learned and recommendations made, which were based on questionnaire responses from 30 racers, personal interviews with the three survivors and 14 others who either witnessed the event or had personal experience with the boat and crew, and GPS tracks of 14 of the racers."


For the full report click here 



Cruising We Do:
Bill Edinger spoke about a very successful and enjoyable trip to Hawaii. The passage  down to the Big island in 9 days and 23 hours. They visited most of the islands and had a much slower but very enjoyable trip home. Wyman Harris told us about the extensive wildlife they saw during there PNW and Alaska cruising this summer and also reported about getting a ride as observer on one of the AC 45s and having the thrill of his life! Bill Leroy spoke about his great cruise of the inland water way and how there was less commercial traffic than he anticipated. Steve Mason gave us a re-cap of his PNW and Alaska cruise that was unfortunately delayed by engine trouble making for a more hectic trip than he desired. Bob Hanelt took his beloved Lydia to the Corinthian YC for the wooden boat festival.
Secretary Treasurers Report:
 Bill Edinger reported that with the national contribution we had $3,333 in the bank.


Membership Report:
Bob Van Blaricom reported that there is currently two candidates in the pipeline, Sylivia Seaburg and Francois Ramsey. 


Program Committee :
 Sally Honey reported that that the rest of this years meetings will be,  


October, SFYC, Kent Benedict, Medical Emergencies at Sea

November, Saint Francis YC, Clark Beek, Report on Clipperton Voyage

December, Saint Francis YC Christmas party.


Sally would also like suggestions and recommendations from our membership for the next years programs and venues. She can be contacted at



Cruise Report: 
Clark Beek reported that he had 7 boats and over thirty people signed up for the Tomales bay cruise which departs on the 13th of this month to make for a 4 day cruise this year. He apologized for the flyer snafu and remarked that the fee for the barbecue will be $25 and not free!
National Cruise report:

Wyman Harris reported that the cruise is well subscribed with over 160 people signed up. 

Environment of the sea:   
Bill Foss was not in attendance at this meeting.
 John Sanford asked that members send him a couple of lines about their summer sailing activities for the CCA Gam.  Photos as attachments are most welcome.  The deadline for the fall issue of the CCA newsletter, the "Gam" is October 15. Cruising stories with photos are also welcome for the CCA annual magazine "Voyages."  That deadline is November 1.

 John will be on a trip to Africa from September 10 to October 1.


  The next meeting is October 3rd at San Francisco Yacht Club. The guest speaker will be Kent Benedict on emergencies at sea.


There being no further business  R/C Ahari adjourned the meeting .


Respectfully submitted


Bill Edinger 

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012